The Amazing Spider-Man

To say THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is an emotional roller coaster ride would be an understatement.

First we must start off with some history and really the question… is the world really ready for a Spidey reboot so soon???… if your Sony Pictures the answer most profitably is yes…

This movie isn’t really aimed at newbies its aimed at those who are familiar with, but want a better back story to our favourite web slinging hero.

The movie does two things right to begin with… Mechanical web slingers and the adorable Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy… sadly those were the only two things I loved about this movie…

Whilst I really dug the cinematography especially the first person shots of Spidey climbing through New York… It felt like the cast (who I must add were perfectly chosen) were thrust into this weird void of teenage angst and frustration.. which isn’t their fault… Andrew Garfield plays a fantastically cocky Peter Parker.

A great man once said “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!” Its a real shame this movie reads director Marc Webb in all the wrong ways, now don’t get me wrong I love 500 days of summer as much as the next guy, but was he really ready to direct a “blockbuster” of this magnitude???… I think not! And that’s where my biggest concern arises… The Amazing Spiderman is not this years big superhero tent pole, we’ve got the Dark Knight Rises for that… This movie reads like an indie rom-com with a masked web slinger thrown in for good measure….

Its not all bad though… the scripting can be fantastically witty at times as you’ve probably seen in the trailers… but therein lies the other let down if you feel like you’ve already seen half the movie from the trailers … its because you have… even the after credits scene was in them. To make it worse there’s scenes in the trailer that didn’t even make it into the cinematic cut.

This movie is designed to take Spidey back to his roots but unfortunately that means that Uncle Ben no longer parts his words of wisdom on a young Peter.. if you’re into superhero films and don’t mind something a little light on the action… You will love The Amazing Spider-man … in fact its probably the one comic book film for this year that you’ll be able to bring a date who’s not normally into the genre.

So I flick this film 3 Dancing Spideys out of 5.

Update: Part of my review was features on GIZMODO YAYYYYYY

Check it out:

After considerations there are also a few other nitpicky areas i disliked even more:
-How quickly Peter and Gwen fell in love
– lack of spidey sense explanation
– How we see so much of oscorp and not see Norman
– How quickly Spidey gave away his identity
– The badly hidden plot device from the trailers about spidey being altered as a kid and the spider reawakening him
– The scenes that were in the trailers not in the movie
– Spidey ripping off oscorps webfluid and no-one noticing it
and finally….


Avengers Post Credits Reveal : Thanos!

By now youve all seen the Avengers: and youve all asked me….What the…?

After The Avengers have defeated the Chitauri army by sending a nuke into their mother ship, we see their leader talking to a mysterious figure. The Chitauri leader says that the humans are not to be underestimated, and to face them would be “to court Death itself.” And then the mysterious figure turns his head and we see.. No not the Red Skull as many of you have thought but  Thanos, The Mad Titan, smiling. Cut to black and the rest of the end credits.


So i get most of you dont have a clue who Thanos is and thats why im writing this so you can all stop asking about the Purple Smiling Guy? Thanos first appeared in Iron Man #55 (1973), and is a member of a cosmic race known as The Eternals,  Thanos has one consuming passion that runs almost pretty much through his entire story not to mention his obsession with DEATH. referencing his line in the movie. To Basically sum it up he is the lover and adorer of DEATH.. his arrival was first hinted in Thor When we saw the Infinity Gauntlet in Odins Vault in Asgardia…

How Marvel Describes Thanos Role in their Universe:

Mistress Death believed that there was a cosmic imbalance in the universe – that there were more living than there were dead. As a result, Death resurrects her loyal servant Thanos, who is appointed the task of killing off half of the population of the universe. Not only is Thanos’ power augmented by Death, he is granted access to the Infinity Well, where he realizes the power of the Infinity Gems. After much plotting and scheming, Thanos wrestles the gems from their owners and gains mastery over Power, Mind, Space, Reality, Time, and the Soul. the-avengers-ending-thanos-comic-book-image

The Avengers

Clip of the Avengers

Let me put it this way, After having now settled on the excitement since seeing the film a week ago I feel im able to give it a proper spoiler free review
The film follows a very simple formula which is why it works, The focus is on why these amazing people are brought together and how they react. It’s not another marvel character sequel or prequel (although it is the best Hulk Movie 😛 but we’ll talk about that more once it’s released),

The movies basically split into three Acts which focus on the team and their mission
Act 1 is all about SHIELD and them getting the Avengers together, it’s a bit rushed at times and really doesn’t give a lot of insight into some of the great characters that make up this division but it does throw back to some pretty funny moments between their interaction with this group of “mismatched freaks”

Act 2: The struggle, basically this whole act is about the conflict and egos of the Avengers and how they actually get along, or don’t get along with each other

Now that sums up the first half of the movie

Act 3: the Action, and lots of it, from here on your given a fast paced, in your face scene of total warfare, its what every Comic Book Fan has ever wanted to see, remember all those scenes you saw in your favourite arcs where you’ve got all your fav superheroes fighting side by side using each other’s skills to support their own. This is exactly what you get and there’s some sharp dialogue which leads to some hilarious moments.

And that’s about it, Whedon has managed to do what most people thought was unthinkable he’s given enough time to each character to show that their not just in it for the sake of it, even Black Widow and Hawkeye get some pretty good character development time. There aren’t any characters who feel forced into it and they provide a reason as to why each and every one of them belongs there. It’s one of those films where people are actually laughing and cheering and clapping all the way through, in fact the post credits scene even had my whole screening cheering with joy and excitement.

In fact the highlight for me was a guy in my screening wearing a Captain America T-shirt stated to his friend prior to the screening “ I’m gonna hate this, I just hope its not too painful, and literally when the lights came on at the end of the movie I turned around and saw him with a giant grin on his face clapping and proclaiming how wonderful Joss Whedon is, me and the gf had a real good laugh over that one.

4/5 Almighty Thor Hammers

Battleship Quick Review

Battleship, a $200 million film based on the board game, is only kept a float by the ridiculous way in which it teams a group of American and Japanese naval officers under a completely irrelevant art of war moniker.

Where do I begin, from the poster/trailer tag line that stated simply, ” FROM THE TOY COMPANY THAT BROUGHT YOU TRANSFORMERS!” I should have known what to expect. Hasbro has had a licence to print money with the Transformers franchise, so it was inevitable that it decided to jump the shark and leach off of one of its boardgame franchises.

So how was the movie ? Well it’s arguably one of the noisiest films ever made. There isn’t much plot apart from a small group of naval ships against an underwhelming first fleet of alien craft who “surprise surprise” use a grid to plan their attacks (Yes I repeat fire on Echo11) The acting was terrible not to mention when Rihanna got beat up their we’re jeers of OMG I didn’t realize Chris Brown was in this movie! Yes that’s right Battleship is one big expensive joke, if you enjoyed transformers then you’ll probably enjoy transformers on water minus lens flair aka Battleship…

But don’t be disappointed when you leave screaming n shouting that they didnt say the one freaking line you paid to see.

This reviewers final thoughts, “Hasbro! You really have sunk your own Battleship!”

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