Who Am I? Thats one secret i’ll always tell…

I dont work for a Big 4 firm, I dont have more than one degree, Im still doing my CA, I own no property, Im not married and im not the most handsome bloke,

But you know what?

None of that bothers me…
Im proud of who I am and where my life can take me.

I work in Risk Management which to some is a glorified way of saying im an Internal Auditor… but damn do i enjoy a good audit, its what i do for a living and (luckily for me) its what im good at.

I’m abit of a dreamer infact i frequently have ideas that i think could change the world (by change the world i mean make me a quick buck) but more importantly, I value the opportunities life has given me and know that my time to change the world will come one day in life.

I think I’m a friendly, outgoing guy, and the most positive thing people say to me is how well i can make people warm to me, if you dont believe me i bet a 3 minute phone call will change that,

My passions in no particular order are the following: Photography, Food, Comics, Movies worth arguing over and LEGO.

And…um…that’s about it really.

Oh btw did i mention my names Geoff and im pleased to meet you


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