The Gen Y Guide to Voting in the 2013 OZ Election (Including the TL:DR Version)

fight abbott vs rudd

On September 7 Australia will decide which of the lesser of two evils they prefer, K.Rudd vs Abbott, the fight is on,

Who should you vote for? Well thats entirely up to you? However let this guide help you understand a few of the things that i have discovered whilst doing my own research, so here we go lets start with the POLITICAL PARTIES. We’re fortunate?!? here in Australia to have a steady two party system of lying, backstabbing, double crossing, unethical and status hungry politicians, who like to meet in the battle royale we call Canberra. Over on the left side we have the reigning champions the AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY, led by everyones most hated mate Kevin Rudd and the power hungry challengers the Coalition led by the Buggie Smuggler favouring leader Tony Abbott. When it comes down to it Most Australians hate both parties, but which do you hate the least

ALP: Led by Kevin Rudd, a wannabe middle aged hipster in a suit and formerly led by everyones favourite Ranga, Werribee Rep Julia Gillard. There has been alot of internal bickering and political termoil within the “left wing” party over the past few years with good old ruddy pulling the switcheroo on Julia Goolia after she threw him out of his castle onto the backbench. At least you know with Labour you have a PM who might come out on twitter hashtagging #straya


Coalition: The liberals led by the one and only Tony Abbott, now if you havnt heard enough (well deserved) slander about this man recently you really must be living under a rock, between the sexism, the feminism, and the anti gay remarks, he has basically every minority(and non minority) who isnt an old fashioned white collar man, hating everything he stands for. In case you may have forgotten these are the guys who were once led by our mate poor old Johnny Howard, in case youve forgot hes that Sick DJ



Now the winning of an election isn’t exactly a popularity contest as the local media has led us to believe.

There will be instances where your votes will effect who wins the majority seats even if you don’t vote directly for one of the two major parties. However i’m assuming if you understand preferential voting your probably not gonna be reading this  post,

Its important to note that whilst the other parties probably don’t have a chance of winning the majority of seats in parliament (unless Palmer can get his Dinosaurs to cause enough ruckus)  they can still win select seats which sure are handy in the event of a hung parliament. Now before you decide to vote for The Greens, The Palmer United Party, The Nationals, Wikileaks Party, Bob Katters Party or even if your an absolute idiot ONE NATION , just remember your donkey vote (if it is one) could genuinely have an impact on who runs this country whether you mean it to or not.


The Big Ticket item Broadband
Labor is on track to deliver their NBN (National Broadband Network) however as with all big infrastructure its probably going to double in cost and end up costing taxpayers alot more than initially expected, Their plan is to offer Fibre to the home promises speeds between 100Mbps and 1GBps.

The Coalition wants to scrap the already underway NBN and replace it with a Fibre to Node system which will save money overall but will result in a maximum theoretical speed of 25Mbps which is already considered a sub standard service in many first world countries.

Labor plans to push forward with the Gonski reforms, improving primary and higher level school funding on a per student basis and aims to have Australia in the top 5 school education systems by 2025, However these funds will come at a cost to Universities who will not receive smaller increases to funding than they may have planned for.

The Coalition has not detailed any policies on education, but has briefly mentioned a boost of support for asian languages, however they have not supported any of there claims with actual policy releases.

Same Sex Marriage
Kevin Rudd has actively posted his support for same sex marriage and even schooled a Pastor recently on it. Has stated that it will be a key priority in his term if re-elected to ensure that the policy is pushed within 100 days.

Tony Abbott on the other hand is opposed to anything that is different and although his own sister is in a same sex relationship has actively expressed his opinion that marriage should only exist between a man and a woman.

Asylum Seekers
Neither Party is actually gonna do anything. The ALP wants to send all Asylum Seekers to PNG whereas the Coalition wants to simple STOP THE BOATS… umm this one isn’t gonna change any time soon

Health and Hospitals
ALP promises a boost of over $14 billion in funding between 2014-2020 and has promised further help in the formal of a mental health scheme worth $2.2 billion. The will also provide low income earners access to discounted dental.

Coalition will not be increasing funding to hospitals but will be creating community based hospital boards and will push funding for a Type 1 Diabetes cure and also offer incentive and discounts for dental care. for those on medicare or concessions. ] They will also be scrapping the private health insurance rebate means test

Environmental and emissions (Updated)

Whilst both parties havnt really defined as much in regards to their environmental policies, they both have committed to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by 5%

Labor is pushing ahead with their current plan to  ensure 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity comes  from renewable sources by 2020. There also aiming to reduce transport emissions by investing in a high speed rail link on the east coast. Those selling a pre-1985 car will also get a $2000 discount on a new car under Labors clean car Rebate.

Tony Abbott and the Coalition have vowed to create an Emissions Refund Fund which promises not to put a price on carbon. The Coalition has  promised a $1,000 increase on household rebates for roof-top solar panels and hot water; including grants for  new solar power projects in towns and schools to fund solar power projects. Most importantly the coalition is stating they will plant 20 MILLION trees to support  and ban illegal forestry that was a Labor pledge from 07 that never emerged.

Industy and Economy
Labor will cut funding to the defence force but is implementing a number of incentives for small businesses including, allowing business to carry forward further losses to offset previous tax bills, they will ensure all gov suppliers are paid within 30 days, will increase instant tax write off threshold to $6500, have allocated funding to investments in startup financing and will be providing $9 billion for skills and training upskilling. Labor also promises $1 billion funding towards new jobs and will aim to ensure the cash rate stays at the lowest level in which it can support the economy. Labor will also cut the company tax rate from 30% to 28%.

Coalition promises to cut over $1 in red tape costs for small business in dealing with government regulation, business, taxation and environmental issues, Will SCRAP the carbon tax, will create a small business ombudsmen and will increase restrictions of union activities. Promises to create 1 million jobs over next 5 years, promises interest rate tax cuts and will provide paid maternity leave for 6 months going forward.



Vote Labor for Faster Game of Thrones downloads, Same Sex Marriage and More Education funding ,


Vote the Coalition if you’re against Carbon Tax or if you Plan on running a Small Business



2 thoughts on “The Gen Y Guide to Voting in the 2013 OZ Election (Including the TL:DR Version)

  1. Yet another article that doesn’t touch on an extremely important issue – the environment.
    Because neither side has a good environmental policy, neither of them have been talking about it, and so it has somehow slipped under the radar as a major issue that needs dealing with.
    While neither are great, at least Labor (KRudd) is committed to reducing green house gas emissions, even if they don’t go very far with it.
    Lib-Nats (Abbot) on the other hand have straight out said they don’t believe or care about Global Warming, so their environmental policy involves increasing mining and reducing regulations on things like coal seam gas mining.
    As a GenYer, this is an important issue to me, and to many of my friends, so it deserves a mention here.

    • Thanks for responding Tristan, To be honest the reason why i excluded the environment was purely as exactly as you have stated, neither has actually given any solid policy information and even though KRudd mentioned they plan to reduce green house gas emissions their was no KPI’s and deliverables attached to it, so its hard to say that its something that might swing voters since it hasn’t been quantified to begin with. However i might go back in and add in some information about how neither party has actually committed to anything re: environmental issues.

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