Dark Knight Rises: Post Movie Wrap Up, the issues, the ending, going forward…. (Spoiler Filled)

So by now you all should have seen Nolan’s ending to his Batrilogy!
I wanted to keep my review spoiler free so here goes my post review wrap up since alot of us still walked out of The Dark Knight Rises unclear on alot of what just happened.

So, before we get started, and it should go without saying– SPOILERS FOR THE DARK KNIGHT RISES ARE COMING UP.

Now let’s dig into my frustrations and the questions that many of us have been left with.

Let’s get this movie figured out!

1.) The Nagging question on everyones lips… Where is the Joker? 
This ones quite easy, he was left out of the movie as a sign of respect for the late Heath Ledger.
We all knew going into Dark Knight Rises that The Joker would not be seen but the fact that he isn’t even mentioned is this series big elephant.  How can someone who created so much havoc and was the underlying reason behind the infamous Dent Act just be forgotten about. We see Bane breaking all of the convicts out of Blackgate Prison and many are using this as an excuse to say hes still in Arkham Asylum but then my question for you is how then is Jonathan “Scarecrow” Crane serving as judge and executioner in the court for the rich.
Well to help clear things up we can turn to the Dark Knight Rises novelisation. The book reveals that Arkham Asylum is left almost deserted after the introduction of the Dent Act, which sees almost all criminals housed in Blackgate Prison.
“The worst of the worst were sent here, except for the Joker, who, rumor had it, was locked away as Arkham’s sole remaining inmate,” reads the novelisation. Or perhaps he escaped. Nobody was really sure. Not even Selina.”
2.) The Dent Act and the Police Force
So let me get this straight in memory of Two Face himself, The Dent Act was put in place to deter crime and after 8 years miraculously organised crime is a myth in Gotham… seriously guys this is gotham, organised crime makes up probably 90% of business activity, even in 8 years theres no way gothams underworld has succumed to a war hero commisioner and a “supposedly” now clean police force, what happened to all the corruption and deceipt, with all those cops surely theirs still some bad eggs.. i dont buy it.

Also speaking of Gothams infamous police force, so Gotham P.D. is trapped inside a closed off sewer with nothing but basic rations but when they return oh boy do they return. Banes thugs are loaded with weaponry and although the police emerging from their trap was a surprise, both sides were essentially on par with one another,seriously as if you would run towards them when their blaring guns in your face and firing warning shots at your feet. My only answer could be most of Banes thugs aren’t mercenaries their just simple gotham citizens who have taken to him to save their own necks when their homes come under siege, seeing the police force re instills their sense of hope and thats why they hold back.

3. When did Gotham City become New York. 

The Gotham of Batman Begins (2005) was a Chicago-New York-soundstage mash-up, The Gotham of The Dark Knight (2008) was clearly Chicago and now The Dark Knight Rises (2012) treats us to a mash of New York, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. Characters and action move, in the space of a cut, between identifiable landmarks from all three cities, How big are we expected to believe Gotham really is and also why does the Dark Knight watch over it during the day.

4.  Who is Bane, What is the Mask for and the inevitable downplay of the scene which should have made this movie

For those of you who dont know much backstory, Bane is one of my favourite comic book villains of all time.
Nolans Backstory isnt too far off the block but still takes away from one key point, He matches Batman tit for tat in brain, but far outweighs him in Brawn.

In Nolans Universe we see Bane as the saviour of a young girl who grew up in prison and that’s where he learns his trade. Whilst that was true to an extent what we dont learn is that the comic book universe Bane is smart and i mean incredibly smart.

Bane spent his time in prison reading as many books as he could get his hands on, and in between strengthening his mind spends his time building up his body in the prisons gym where he learns to fight. He even commits his first murder at the age of eight, stabbing a criminal who wanted to use him for information about the prison.

Bane ultimately establishes himself as the “king” of the  prison which eventually forces the prison’s controllers to take note resulting in him becoming a test subject for a mysterious drug known as Venom. Bane gets his strength from a derivative of the drug Venom. At the maximum saturation point he can lift around 2000kgs. Without Venom he can still lift/ press around 700kgs, However, Bane only needed to apply 4kgs of pressure to break the bones in Batman’s back. Something that to me was seriously underplayed in the movie.

In the Batman comics there’s a story arc titled Knightfall, during which Bane broke Batman’s back to the point where recovery through conventional means was nearly impossible,  Bruce spent millions on medical support and in the end was only able to cure himself through an encounter with super powers. However in Nolans universe Bruces back is fixed medieval style with a quick rope tug.

Now this brings me back to the mask, many of you have been asking whats with Banes mask, well basically in the comics and cartoons Bane’s mask is that of a Mexican Luchador (wrestler) with his strength serum being pumped into his body. In the Dark Knight Rises its a little different however, Besides making him sound ridiculous and making him look like Dr Zoidberg from futurama, Bane doesn’t really give much of an answer in the film as to why he wears the mask but we can deduce that its basically pumping him with morphine to cope with pain that stems from the beatings he took in the pit as a result of protecting Talia

5. The Twist: and how every Batman fan predicted it from the minute they saw her

So the fact that the kid in the prison was actually Talia; the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul and not Bane himself was supposed to be some big kind of twist, but any batman fan knew from the minute we learned that Bruce teamed up with Miranda Tate on a clean energy project for Wayne Enterprises, things weren’t right. However the biggest disappointment was the way she came to her demise, for a character that played such a large role in developing Bane into the man we see siege Gotham city, her death is pretty underwhelming.

Lets examine a few things John Blake: manages to roll a car over and emerge completely fine and continues his journey. Bruce’s failed attempts at climbing out of the Pit end with him falling from a jump that could kill many however he also appears relatively uninjured from the experience. Then during a car chase for the fusion bomb, Batman forces Talia’s caravan off the road. It crashes and Talia dies moments after.

Seriously after everything we’ve just seen were left with that. Thanks for nothing Nolan. I honestly believed she deserved a more fitting death, she was only just revealed as the Villain for Christ Sake, she’s Talia, an Olympic-level athlete, trained since birth in many forms of martial arts and weaponry and the friggen leader of the League of Assassins from time to time. It would have been nice to of seen her face off against Batman in another setting, not just a car chase.


Let’s trace what we saw on screen. Batman takes the bomb over the water, it detonates, leaving the audience thinking nobody could ever survive.
Then we get the statue of Batman, people mourning his loss, and the graveyard scene. <—- That right there i watched this and went thanks Nolan cue the John Blake being revealed as Robin scene and id be a happy camper… but….

Then, we learn that Bruce Wayne applied the oft-talked about autopilot patch to The Bat, seeing Alfred’s dream realised, with Bruce alongside Selina in the cafe. A perfect, happy ending.

Or is it…

Nolan showed us a countdown of the bomb in its final seconds, with Batman still in the cockpit. At this stage were led to believe the autopilot doesn’t work, Bat shouldn’t be able to save himself now… hes living up to the symbolism of the film, Batman’s death brings Gotham back into line once more. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save the city,
Batman is not a man hes a symbol,
The bomb explodes… the blast radius is immense and theres no way bruce could have gotten away..
Until i stumbled across the toy section at KMART haha

Bam! i present to you the Bat! ejector seat, haha now i know this isnt exactly what happens but it still makes me laugh that they created this just to justify it to the little kiddies.

Ultimately, the ending comes down to how you interpret the scene with Alfred in the cafe. We’ve already been told that Bruce had the technology to wipe peoples past and give them a new start so no surprises there, however this brings me to my biggest hatred of the movie, They didnt need to show Bruce or Selina! a fitting ending would have been Alfred seeing the back of bruces head and nodding  in acknowledgement, it would have been enough to leave the audience with question marks in true Nolanesque fashion.

In my opinion this ending with Bruce and Selina proves that hes alive, think back to to Alfred explaining how every year he went to Florence and imagined seeing Bruce, happy and in love. Alfred states the only reason he knew his fantasy of seeing him wasnt real was due to one reason, Bruce never acknlowledges him, yet the final scene we see is the fact bruce nods,waves, whatever he did… its the hint that this is the reality and bruce is alive… sigh.

P.S props to the extras for sneaking in a few Robin references in the film 😉 good work guys

One thought on “Dark Knight Rises: Post Movie Wrap Up, the issues, the ending, going forward…. (Spoiler Filled)

  1. I think him escaping safely from the Bat was a bit of a stretch. I really hope this was the end of the “Dark Knight” trilogy, but there is next a Batman and Robin or just Robin thing

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