Post Credits Scene : The Amazing Spider-Man

Now the Post Credits Scene for The Amazing Spider-Man  is abit open for interpretation.

There is no set definition as to whats actually happening in this scene but i will keep you guys updated as time progresses

In the scene, Dr. Curt Connors (aka The Lizard) sits alone in a cell. Lightning flashes and a cloaked man appears between two slivers of moonlight. “Did you tell him about his father?” the mysterious man asks Connors.
Connors says that he told young Peter nothing about his father, Richard Parker, and nobly pleads that Peter be left alone. The shrouded man quickly disappears with another strike of lightning.

The scene is brief, but there may be some clues.

First, it’s impossible to know who the second man is. We dont even know if the person is real or a manifestation of Conners mind being infected with the same poison that just turned him into a Giant Lizard not to long before.

However there are two viable theories

1.) Norman Osborn: the eventual Green Goblin is hinted thoroughly throughout the movie even his face is masked in shade in oscorp tower just like the visitor . He would be essential for sequals as the Goblin is ultimately (or questionably) responsible for Gwen Staceys demise

2.) Connors’ visitor could imply that The Sinister Six, a group of mad-scientists-turned-monsters, may make their way into “Amazing Spider-Man” sequels. Whilst i would love to say the Thunder is a throw back to Electro or even the quick in and out being representative of a Mysterio or Dr Strange, these sorts of claims cannot be substantiated and would be purely speculative.

So at this point its up to the fans to come up with whatever deductions they may make, they could be right and they could be wrong and to be honest i think thats what makes this post credits scene so loveable it can mean anything a fan wants it to.

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