The Amazing Spider-Man

To say THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is an emotional roller coaster ride would be an understatement.

First we must start off with some history and really the question… is the world really ready for a Spidey reboot so soon???… if your Sony Pictures the answer most profitably is yes…

This movie isn’t really aimed at newbies its aimed at those who are familiar with, but want a better back story to our favourite web slinging hero.

The movie does two things right to begin with… Mechanical web slingers and the adorable Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy… sadly those were the only two things I loved about this movie…

Whilst I really dug the cinematography especially the first person shots of Spidey climbing through New York… It felt like the cast (who I must add were perfectly chosen) were thrust into this weird void of teenage angst and frustration.. which isn’t their fault… Andrew Garfield plays a fantastically cocky Peter Parker.

A great man once said “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!” Its a real shame this movie reads director Marc Webb in all the wrong ways, now don’t get me wrong I love 500 days of summer as much as the next guy, but was he really ready to direct a “blockbuster” of this magnitude???… I think not! And that’s where my biggest concern arises… The Amazing Spiderman is not this years big superhero tent pole, we’ve got the Dark Knight Rises for that… This movie reads like an indie rom-com with a masked web slinger thrown in for good measure….

Its not all bad though… the scripting can be fantastically witty at times as you’ve probably seen in the trailers… but therein lies the other let down if you feel like you’ve already seen half the movie from the trailers … its because you have… even the after credits scene was in them. To make it worse there’s scenes in the trailer that didn’t even make it into the cinematic cut.

This movie is designed to take Spidey back to his roots but unfortunately that means that Uncle Ben no longer parts his words of wisdom on a young Peter.. if you’re into superhero films and don’t mind something a little light on the action… You will love The Amazing Spider-man … in fact its probably the one comic book film for this year that you’ll be able to bring a date who’s not normally into the genre.

So I flick this film 3 Dancing Spideys out of 5.

Update: Part of my review was features on GIZMODO YAYYYYYY

Check it out:

After considerations there are also a few other nitpicky areas i disliked even more:
-How quickly Peter and Gwen fell in love
– lack of spidey sense explanation
– How we see so much of oscorp and not see Norman
– How quickly Spidey gave away his identity
– The badly hidden plot device from the trailers about spidey being altered as a kid and the spider reawakening him
– The scenes that were in the trailers not in the movie
– Spidey ripping off oscorps webfluid and no-one noticing it
and finally….

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