Battleship Quick Review

Battleship, a $200 million film based on the board game, is only kept a float by the ridiculous way in which it teams a group of American and Japanese naval officers under a completely irrelevant art of war moniker.

Where do I begin, from the poster/trailer tag line that stated simply, ” FROM THE TOY COMPANY THAT BROUGHT YOU TRANSFORMERS!” I should have known what to expect. Hasbro has had a licence to print money with the Transformers franchise, so it was inevitable that it decided to jump the shark and leach off of one of its boardgame franchises.

So how was the movie ? Well it’s arguably one of the noisiest films ever made. There isn’t much plot apart from a small group of naval ships against an underwhelming first fleet of alien craft who “surprise surprise” use a grid to plan their attacks (Yes I repeat fire on Echo11) The acting was terrible not to mention when Rihanna got beat up their we’re jeers of OMG I didn’t realize Chris Brown was in this movie! Yes that’s right Battleship is one big expensive joke, if you enjoyed transformers then you’ll probably enjoy transformers on water minus lens flair aka Battleship…

But don’t be disappointed when you leave screaming n shouting that they didnt say the one freaking line you paid to see.

This reviewers final thoughts, “Hasbro! You really have sunk your own Battleship!”

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